About us

About Butterfly Youth Foundation

Butterfly Youth Foundation is a registered Community Based Organisation (CBA) and was founded by Ssebagala Patrick in 2009. Having been a street child in his early adolescent stage, Patrick is familiar with the kids’ tough situation and their negative lifestyle. Having the opportunity to get supported and developing his potential in his years of struggle, Patrick now wants to share the experiences which made him personally grow. He aims on helping less fortunate persons especially children being in a similar situation like he was as a young boy. Ultimately, he established Butterfly Youth Foundation with the main goal of supporting these young persons to have a meaningful life experience. In his outreach programmes, he visits children from th streets and in slums to encourage them to enrol for formal education, to impart artistic skills in music, dance, drama, circus, art and crafts making or to engange in acrobatics and sports. All this is realized by sensitisation programs, performances and community work. Here, all interested kids can participate. The most benefiting group are vulnerable children especially those from the street including orphans, children from poor families, those affected by gender based violence. Giving all of them a helping hand and support is a way to promote education and thus, to reduce poverty levels in the long run.

Vision and Mission
The vision of Butterfly Youth Foundation is to help youths to realize their potentials through creative artistic skills and thus to become self-reliant and sustainably grow.
The mission of Butterfly Youth Foundation is to empower youths with arts education, to overcome socio-economic challenges in life and to help them to be hopeful, meaningful and important citizens in the community.

Aims and Objectives

  1. To promote and develop talents amongst youths for their future self-sustainability.
  2. Contribute towards reduction of crime rates and drug abuse among the youths in Kampala and the metropolitan area through active engagement in socio-economic activities using available resources.
  3. To encourage children to enrol for education
  4. To partner with other organisations for a full support of children from the streets of Kampala

Butterfly Youth Foundation anticipated activities include among others the following;

  1. Vocational skills training e.g. wood carving, art and craft, jewellery etc.
  2. Talents promotion and development through: Acrobatics, Music, Dance and Drama; Sports as well as Visual Art as income generating activities.
  3. Counselling and guidance.
  4. Community services such as engaging in community forestry and sanitation for a greater living environment

Organising educational and sensitization performances and workshops to the community about gender balance (empowerment), HIV/AIDs and drug abuse.

Our Key Values of the Project include Among Others:

  • Humility
  • Compassion and care for the less fortunate
  • Rejection of wrong behavior and embracing human rights
  • Community Service
  • Promote Volunteerism
  • Honesty and dependability
  • Justice, responsibility and fair play
  • Generosity and service to others
  • Sustainability

We are currently located in Busega and our main areas of operation are Kampala Capital City Authority streets, urban, semi-urban slums, suburbs and rural areas within Kampala and the metropolitan area.