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About the future perspective of butterfly
The long time goal of the butterfly youth foundation it to buy land were the can build their own home for the children, to be out of the challenge of rent and as well to be able to give help to more vulnerable children.
Short time goals of the butterfly youth foundation are to find a market for selling art and craft and to perform more shows in order to be income generation for the program.
As well the butterfly youth foundation would like to work more with volunteers, to help the organization and the children grow successfully.
An important goal for Butterfly as well is to find sponsors for each child to make it possible to get all the children in to school and give them a change on a bright future and make their dreams come true.
As well Butterfly is hoping to find sponsors for the program of the Butterfly Youth Foundation, so they can provide a good program for the children and to be able to organize more activities for the children.

What we wish for our programm

  • Having a well-equipped office to manage/supervise or monitor our records and activities effectively, i.e. computer, printer & scanner, projector, furniture etc.
  • Acquiring machinery to enable us make high quality craft sandals, wallets, and jewelry
  • Wish to have enough art materials for our workshops
  • Being able to produce art/craft products at the International Market
  • Establishing a permanent home for less fortunate children
  • Being able to sponsor all our enrolled children for formal education
  • Acquisition of enough computers for information communication technology
  • Establishing a vocational training centre for our beneficiaries
  • Acquiring sports equipment for our sports activities including a Public address system for our performances
  • Creation of long term relationships with various organizations working with less fortunate persons
  • Owning an agricultural farm (poultry, piggery, cattle rearing, and growing crops) that employs some of our beneficiaries and sustains the project
  • To enhance social-economic cohesion, collaboration and participation of all the youth in cultural life
  • Empowerment of the young vulnerable children by networking with other different classes in social-life to be able to maintain their traditional values, use their traditional knowledge alongside the academic achievements for career development through promotion of cultural exchange at national and international levels and documentation centers using information Communication Technology
  • Promote nutritional programs for a healthy living our children in and around the community

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